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Why communicating through OTT  channels is good for your company and great for your customers 

23 June 2020

Advantages with OTT channels

There are many advantages of communicating through OTT channels. OTT channels allow you to reach a larger target group and develop personal contact with a richer and more reliable interaction in the channels your customers will use regularly day-to-day. OTT stands for “over the top” which means different medias are transmitted to different users through an internet connection. We usually refer to OTT communication when we talk about WhatsApp Business Solution, Facebook Messenger, RCS and WeChat. Some examples of OTT services include HBO, Netflix and Spotify, where users can stream video and music.

Statistics show that the younger generations prefer to receive communication through OTT channels because the channels provide a comprehensive solution where they can do everything in one place. Users are given the opportunity to:

  • participate in group chats
  • share different types of media
  • send reactions to the content

In addition, there are clear advantages when using OTT channels as they can be accessed through different types of devices and the only thing required is an internet connection.

The cost for SMS to private individuals can be high in several countries, but through operator subscriptions with high internet surf packages, more and more OTT communications are chosen over ordinary SMS. By adding OTT channels to your communication strategy, you increase the chance of getting in touch with your target group, while at the same time offering added value and a richer customer dialogue.

Why communicate through OTT channels?

According to the latest figures, WhatsApp have 2 billion users globally, and Facebook Messenger have 1.3 billion. By using OTT, you are not only being present and available in several communication channels, but you are also leaving it up to the customer to decide where they want to be reached. With OTTs you can gather all features and functions into one channel. With WhatsApp you can send documents like contracts, videos with instructions or audio recordings of conversations. You can show locations like pick up points, give instant customer feedback and use notifications for delivery, services and other enquiries. This two-way interaction creates an enriched customer dialogue in the preferred channel of the consumer.

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