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The importance of using SMS as a communication tool

26 March 2020

As the world battles new and unprecedented challenges, businesses and their staff and customers are adapting to new ways of life. This is a demanding time for all, and it has affected every single person in some way. We have had to adapt our ways of working whilst adjusting to the new ‘normal’ and so the importance of using SMS as a communication tool is even higher.

Over the last 2 weeks, LINK Mobility has sent over 500 million SMS messages for governments, large enterprises, logistics, banking, retail and many other companies allowing them to get their message out to the right people and at the right time. All companies, regardless of size, can use SMS to help them to stay connected with customers and staff at a time when communication is crucial.

At LINK Mobility, we want to use our platform to help businesses during this time so they can communicate quickly and confidently in the knowledge that their message has been delivered. SMS can be used during a crisis for communicating various messages and we have listed below some examples:

Internal Communication

SMS is already used by many companies for communicating important information, sometimes for updating staff of company performance and team communications but SMS can also play significant role in any business continuity plan. SMS is an immediate notification channel that can be used where there is a need to notify large groups of people during emergencies.

Internal SMS Notification


SMS has been used by companies for many years for sending notifications. They can be used for critical alerting and for sending notifications to both customers and staff in real time. Great examples are health organisations sending information on updates and informing the population on any precautions or restrictions that they should be adhering to.

SMS Notification Service


Sending reminders via SMS allow organisations to reach customers in the knowledge that their message will be delivered and on time. Reminders can be sent for appointments, payments falling due, and also for providing positive updates on health services, or for special deliveries.

Customer Reminders via SMS

Customer Contact & Confirmation

When customers place orders online or by other means, they appreciate the SMS confirmation of their order and how they can track their delivery. Some companies have been using SMS to send positive messages to their customers, for example birthday messages or special discounts and promotions to loyalty club members. During a crisis, customers still want to hear from their favourite brands, but customers will receive high volumes of email marketing communication, so cut through the noise and send simple but effective SMS messages.

Confirmations via SMS


Customer feedback is key. Even during a crisis, the ability to gauge your customer perspectives allows you to tailor your communications based on what your customers want to hear. Initiating a survey via SMS increases response rates and allows much better engagement with your key audiences. Surveys can be done through bespoke tools which can then initiate coupons and discount codes to reward and thank your customers for participating!


Customer Surveys and feedback with SMS

Key advantages of using SMS during difficult times

  • Reach more customers and employees without dependency of downloading an app
  • SMS does not require internet connectivity
  • Any mobile handset can receive an SMS
  • 98% SMS are opened
  • SMS messages are usually read within 3 minutes
  • SMS does not get lost in email inbox or junk mail folders
  • Serious and trustworthy form of communication
  • Highest level of data security
  • >99 % system availability
  • GDPR compliant service


LINK Mobility UK are here to help organisations change and implement new ways of communicating with their key audiences. SMS is the best way of making sure your message is delivered to the right people and at the right time. Please contact our sales team by email or by calling +44 (0)1506 605 260 so we can so we can help you with your communications.

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