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Use messaging to Update, remind, alert, and notify your customers

Real-time notification reassures, builds loyalty and creates proximity


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Share relevant information

Strengthen your customer service by sharing information that your customers care about and need to know

Communicate efficiently

By communicating on the channels that your customers prefer, you can reliably and effectively connect with end users. Mobile messages have some of the most reliable read-rates.

Operational efficiency

Maintain customer relationship and build long-term loyalty by relaying news relating to the company and / or each customer: changes to opening hours, appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, package delivery notification, etc.



Customer relationship is essential for the sustainability of a business. Notification messages help reassure customers, facilitate the work organization and reduce operating costs.

Automated through the use of APIs, they ease the delivery process : order dispatch notification, confirmation of a reservation, cart abandonment notification, etc.). They can result from a targeted action carried out by the customer (password renewal, online purchase, etc.) or be linked to the customer life cycle (birthday, appointment reminder, etc.).


We support critical data flows


Provide security to clients with status notifications of bank transactions, updates on daily banking, or flag suspicious activity. You can also send a one-time password or use two factor authentication. Mission critical notifications are key in times of a crisis; not only do we serve brands and companies, but we also help governments and non-profits.



How LINK can help

With notifications, you can use any of the following channels: 


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