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Voice Messages

Humanize customer relationships using the warm power of a human voice

Professional voice messages reproduces a situation of telephone exchange between two people. Used as loyalty and customer acquisition tools used by advertisers, it helps preserve customer relationships, warn of imminent danger, invite to an event, or promote a product.


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Differentiation channel

Stand out from your competitors by communicating in an original way to your customers and prospects. Use your corporate sound identity (voice, jingle, …) to broadcast important messages and push your customers to action (purchase, visit, call back …).

Proximity tool

Your recipients are constantly connected to their phones. Take advantage of marketing voice messages to optimize customer relationship.

Profitable media

Less expensive than paper mailing and outgoing calls, voice marketing campaigns help you communicate to thousands of recipients in seconds and save on operational costs.


The way it works

Marketing by voice messages consists in broadcasting a pre-recorded voice message to a list of fixed or mobile telephones, to simulate a call.

To run a campaign, record your message in an audio file or call on a specialized company for a more qualitative rendering. Use our platform push your message to your database. At the end of each campaign, retrieve detailed distribution statistics to analyze the performance of your operation: Number of calls, keystrokes detected, number of complete plays of the message, etc.


Perfect for

Make life easier for your customers by sending them voice messages of reminders or appointment confirmations. Reduce absenteeism rates and improve schedule management.

Strengthen proximity with your customers by personally communicating to them the balance of their loyalty points or the provision of a gift to pick up in store. Your customer feels like you are talking to them directly.

Humanize communication with your customers by sending them a colising voice message. Your customers are reassured about the follow-up of their order and the work of your logistics services is made easier.





Our voice message broadcasting plateform offers many features for a complete and simplified user experience:

Message customization: personalize the content of your voice messages by integrating database variables with our text generator (TTS engine, Text-to-speech).

Direct Voicmail Message: communicate without disturbing, by dropping the voice message directly on your customers’ mobile answering machine, without ringing their telephone.

STOP: drive your recipients to a voice server to support them in their unsubscription process.

Scenarios: create interactivity by inserting “call-to-action” in your messages: “transfer the call”, “press the # key”, “listen to the message”, etc.



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