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Ringless Voice MailDrop

Drop a voice message directly on the mobile answering machine of your contacts, without ringing their phone.

Left discreetly on the answering machine, it is less intrusive than a simple voice message, does not require a phone call and preserves customer relations. Your customers receive a notification, listen to your message whenever they want and are won over by your attention.


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Non-intrusive channel

90% of mobile users listen to their voicemail twice a day. Your recipients listen to your message whenever they want.

Easy to use

In just a few clicks, create ringless voice mail drop campaign. It’s efficient and as simple as child’s play!

Automated media

Simply run your campaigns from our broadcasting plateform or automate your flows, via our APIs or Webservices.

voice direct repondeur

The way it works

Create your voice message from the plateform or upload your audio file directly into the campaign. Customize the calling number or the content of the message using the variables from your customer file.

Upload your database or make a campaign creation request to our customer service and broadcast your message to the targeted phone numbers in a few clicks.

At the end of each campaign, automatically receive detailed distribution statistics. Analyze each status to assess the performance of your operation and optimize your voice mailing strategy.




Perfect for

Invite your customers: are you organizing an event (Open House Days, Private Sales, conference, cocktail…)? Use ringless Voicemail drop to personally invite your customers and build brand engagement!

Welcome new customers: establish a privileged customer relationship with each new customer by dropping a welcome voice message directly on their answering machine! They will appreciate the gesture. The phone doesn’t ring, so you don’t disturb.

Collect unpaid debts: the further in time, the more difficult and expensive it is to collect. Reach all your contacts at once and recover unpaid bills faster by sending them a voicemail message reminding them of payment.


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