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Rich SMS

Maximize the ROI of your SMS campaigns and engage your customers on innovative marketing content

Take your SMS to the next level by combining the power of mobile with the endless possibilities of the web. With Rich SMS solution, engage customers on videos, animations, images and call to actions.


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Engagement builder

Improve user experience and engage customers with beautiful web landing pages adapted to mobile view. Rich SMS is a web extension of your SMS message that helps you multiply acquisition channels.

Simplicity and performance

Thanks to an intelligent and easy-to-use editor, get a real-time visualization of the work on your mobile landing page. No technical knowledge is required, Rich SMS is easy as a snap.

Easy tracking

Rich SMS transforms a simple SMS into a real tracking tool. After each campaign, get detailed statistics on the number of clicks, number of forms filled, number of images scratched, etc.


The way it works

Your contacts receive your SMS containing a link that leads them to a web landing page adapted to view on mobile. You create in a few clicks, from our SaaS editor.

From this mobile page, your contacts can access a video, a contact form, a scratch card or even a mini e-commerce shop. If necessary, our customer service can take your campaign in charge from A to Z.


Perfect for

Release promotional offers and increase sales by integrating a barcode, a QR code or a scratch card in your mobile landing page. Integrated into a Mobile-to-Store strategy, Rich SMS generates traffic in points of sale and on your e-commerce web site.

With customizable contact forms, easily create satisfaction surveys, polls or NPS campaigns that you can send directly to your customers’ mobile phones!

Behind each data collected, find customer communications patterns to be put in place in order to generate customer engagement.




Offer fun, personalized and interactive mobile journeys to your contacts :

  • Embed multimedia content to generate engagement : image to scratch or break, videos, countdown, barcode, QR code, shopping arcade, call to action (call, purchase, download, registration, etc. …
  • Use corporate graphic guidelines to build offers by integrating your logo, colors, typography…
  • Create interactivity by inserting links (URLs) in your Rich SMS and analyze the results with click tracking.
  • Facilitate the mobility of your customers to your points of sale by adding a geolocation option: indication of the nearest store and suggestion of itineraries.



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