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LINK Design Experience

Create personalized content with landing pages and increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty

Improve customer dialogue. By using messaging you will be able to engage customers at a new level. Send notifications, collect customer data and reward customers with coupons direct on their phone.


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Provide personalized content

LINK Web Experience

Increase conversion rate


Provide a rich experience

LINK Web experience


How it works

With the LINK Design Experience you can add any type of landing page to the messaging channels and offer customers enriched interaction with personalized content. The landing pages can be adjusted to your brand, personalized to the receiver and you are able to provide different types of rich content to improve the customer experience.


How to get started?

  1. Create the SMS message to send to your customers and add a clickable link to redirect recipients to the rich SMS
  2. Integrate a variety of multimedia content into the campaign’s mobile landing page
  3. Measure the performance of your campaign to optimize content, improve results, and increase customer satisfaction



Experience Opportunities

With the Rich SMS you can reward your loyal customers instantly and drive more traffic to your store. Reward customers to increase loyalty, offer special deals and boost campaigns with personalized branding.

Also, collect information about your customers to increase satisfaction and retention. Use integrated contact forms to gather permissions, preferences, invite for events and provide different types of surveys.

Make business monologue into a customer dialogue with LINK Conversations. Provide customers the opportunity to respond, give feedback and taking the conversation on their preferred device and channel. Customize the experience by using your company brand and connect to multiple communication channels.



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